Locksmith Tip #3 is about a brand new technology from Canada made by a company named Bowley. The unique design and safety features have local locksmith's calling this lock unpickable. The Bowley lock has a very unique key pictured below the functions in such a fashion that it is virtually impossible for a locksmith or theif for that matter to unlock this lock without they key or being violently distructive.

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Locksmith Security Tip #3:

New Lock Technology

(Bowley Lock Technology)

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Here is a Picture of The Very Unique Key

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It's very hard to explain through text and picture exactly how this lock works and why when your local locksmith in Niagara is gonna have nightmares if they show up and you have one of these locks on the door, but at the same time so are thieves.  Experienced locksmiths around the world have been working hard picking away even fabricating tools and bump keys to try to figure out how to get this fine piece of Canadian technology open without the original key but I have not yet seen on locksmith on Youtube or anywhere else to date. I love to learn, so if you do come across a locksmith in real life or on video that has figured out a way to compromise this lock please email me the link. I have included a video to show you guys a little bit better how this lock works and why locksmiths are having such a hard time with this lock but I also encourage you to do your own research and watch some of these locksmiths on camera trying to pick this lock  and see exactly why the technology is giving the locksmiths & lock picking community such a great new challenge. Not to mention home owners such great new protection against intruders.