Locksmith Security Tip #4 :

Top 5 Easiest Locks To Bypass

#1  Warded Locks:
Most companies have total steered away for this technology there is a set of 5 picks shown in the picture that can open all warded locks. If you are securing anything valuable don't use a warded lock anybody with any knowledge will either have a warded pick set or be able to cheap and quickly make something home made that will easily bypass your warded lock.
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#2  Tubular Locks:
You don't see a lot of tubular locks anymore although they take some time for a locksmith to single pin pick because when you single pin pick a tubular lock it will only rotate one pin at a time then relock and they are a bit tricky to tension but they have developed an impressioning tool that will basically impression a key in seconds and bypass any tubular lock.
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#3 Combination Locks:
We have all seen number combination and word combination locks. We figure with enough numbers or letters in the combination there will be so many possible combinations it will be nearly impossible to guess yours. Unfortunately there is an easier way get into these locks. With a simple feeler gauge anyone can make out of any thin piece of material you will be able to feel the gates and simply line them up and it doesn't take a locksmith decode the combination and you can defeat these locks in a matter of minutes.
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#4 New Smart Key System:
They have developed a new Smart Key system designed to make it easier to re-key in just seconds but like most technology that makes life easier in one sense forces is you to sacrifice some other function of feature which in this case is security. Although you can re-key these locks in under a minute without taking it apart you can also get into it in seconds two different ways. With a strong piece of metal that will fit in the key way and a pair of Vise Grips you can just simply force these locks open with no sign of damage and in most cases the original key will still work. You can also rakes these locks open most times  in under a minute as well.
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#5 Master Keyed Locks:
A lot of places request or require a master key system, which means all the doors are keyed differently but the also have one key that will open them all. The way to achieve this is to add an extra set of pins in the chambers which essentially creates a second shear line so the master key will work. Unfortunately adding a second shear line give somebody trying to pick that lock twice as much chance to get all the pins to line up on the shear line and get an open. Unfortunately many high security applications such as jails need a master key system which in turn sacrifices security. If you are considering master keying any structure if there are any specific areas that requires extra security consider having your locksmith not master keying those areas and just using a high security lock instead to maintain a higher level of security.
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