Locksmith Security Tips #2

What Lock Should I Choose?

When it comes to chosing a lock there are an overwhelming number of choices and the majority of the people buying and selling them have very little knowledge of the differences aside from one lock being more expensive than another lock. There are handfuls of different companies selling locks and not to mention different styles and variations of locks available it is a consumers nightmare and like most other things you ususally get what you pay for but, thats not always the case either. So how do we deal this?
Unfortunately in most cases consumers resort to price in order to determine what product is better than another. When in comes to the safety of me and my family I need more than that to keep my mind at ease. Myself being a locksmith have a trained eye to quickly identify weak point of entry that are usually breached and a cheap lock can often be the east target point of entry for and intruder. 
I good lock can not only be pick proof/resistent but higher quality locks even have anti drill pins as well as anti drill plates infront of the pins. This will either prevent the theif totally from breaching the lock or at least severly slow them down and cut down the time they will have to loot you house and increasing the chace they will be apprehended by authorities.
The best way to make these decisions is to do your research and know exactly what your options are and what you're paying for or consult a professional locksmith for suggestions and knowledgeable explanations of how more expensive locks work and why you are paying more. Don't put a price on you families security and peice of mind. Remember you are always better safe than sorry.