*Rescue Lockout Safety Tip # 1 :

Putting Longer Screws in Your Striking Plate

Let face it your lock and door are you final defence against any intruder or burglar attempting to enter you house where you and possibly loving members of your family even children. If some one was chasing you home what would you do? Like most people probably slam the and lock it as quick as you can. 
This Raises the Question, How Secure is your lock and door?
In most cases the answer to this question is not vert secure at all. Just like anything else, you door is only as strong as its weakest point and that's what I want to talk about today.
I would say 80 or 90 percent of doors I see especially in homes the striking plate is held on by tiny little screws that are not securing anything. Usually one of the first suggestions I give to any home owner that wants to make their home more secure is to remove those tiny screws and replace them with at least 3.5 or 4 inch screws. 
This tequnique will slow down intruders if not preventing them entirely from entering you home. Its a very cheap effective way to help secure your home without even calling a professional locksmith. I have attached a video demonstrating how much of a difference this small upgrade can make.

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